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Questions about Bhangra Town?  All revealed below... If you still need help, please get in touch.

Q. Is it an 18+ event?

A. Yes you must be 18 or over to attend Bhangra Town.


Q. Will there be food and drink at the event?
A. Yes, VIP Corporate tickets will include a sit down meal, VIP tickets will include street food, and General Admission ticketholders will have the opportunity to purchase food. There will also be a fully licensed bar.

Q. Is the festival outdoors?
A. No. Bhangra Town is an indoor festival.

Q. Can I buy tickets on the door?
A. Tickets should be purchased in advance on the website. Tickets will only be available on the door subject to availability. If there is availability on the door, tickets will be more. 

Q. Is the event card only?
A. No. Both card and cash will be accepted at the event.

Q. Are children allowed to the event?
A. No. Bhangra Town is an over 18 event.

Q. Will there be security at the event?
A. Yes there will be a highly qualified security team at the event. 

Q. Will I be ID’d? 
A. If you look under 21, you may be asked to present ID for both entry and at the bar.

Q. Will there be a cloakroom at the event?
A. Yes, there will be a cloakroom where you can pay a small fee to safely store your coat / jacket. 

Q. Can I bring my own food & drink?
A. No. Both food and drink will be available to purchase at the event.

Q. Is there a dress code?
A. The dress code is easygoing.
Casual, smart casual and smart are all acceptable.

Q. Will there be parking at the event?
A. Yes.

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